6 Ways to Update Kitchen Cabinets on a Budget

A problem often shows up when remodeling your kitchen is the cabinets. Do you need new cabinets or not? In several cases, homeowners replace their old cabinets with new ones to fit a certain style. That’s not a big problem if homeowners have big budget. If limited budget is your main problem, try several steps to update kitchen cabinets on a budget.

kitchen cabinets on a budget

Sometimes, several homeowners don’t look closely their kitchen cabinets. If the old cabinet is still in good shape, no need to replace it with new one. There are several ways to make old cabinets have a fresh new appearance and this is called as kitchen cabinets on a budget. How to start?

1. The simplest thing is cleaning all interior, hardware and doors. This activity can remove pile of smoke, dirt and grease that makes the cabinets have unappealing and dull appearance. Proper cleaning will help remove everything on the surfaces and cabinet can reveal its true color.

kitchen cabinets on a budget

2. Replacing hardware is another cheap way updating the kitchen cabinets. Remove the old hinges, handles, pulls and other hardware. Purchase new hardware from home improvement stores and buy a set in the same style based on kitchen theme.

3. Painting the drawers and cabinet doors is another affordable way to get a fresh new look. Apply new finish such as glossy will give a modern look. If possible, please do the same thing to hardware.

4. Another trick of kitchen cabinets on a budget is by replacing drawer fronts and cabinet doors. Go to local home improvement stores, but don’t forget to bring an example of the existing fronts and doors, so you can find something in the same size.

kitchen cabinets on a budget

5. Besides hardware, doors and fronts, you can replace the cabinet countertop. It’s easy to remove it, all you need is preparing screwdriver to remove brackets or screws attached from inside the cabinet. Go to local home improvement stores to find your favorite countertop surface!

6. The last trick of kitchen cabinets on a budget is giving a new stain. In this case, you have to strip off the old finish before applying a new stain or finish. There are many articles talking this method as a DIY project, you can find them all on the Internet.

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