2 Simple Ways to Start Small Apartment Kitchen Design

Kitchen is an important room of a dwelling, whether for home or apartment. However, people who live or rent an apartment often complain about space limitation. Indeed, some apartments offer kitchens with limited and narrow space.

small apartment kitchen design

Small apartment kitchen design is standard and boring. Give something new, simple remodel without worry about a narrow and limited space.

1. Some landlords prohibit using a new color outside standard. It doesn’t mean your kitchen design predominantly white. If you aren’t allowed to use any paint of color, pick fabric as an alternative.

Choose a fabric that easy to peel off and leave no marks or damages. Previously, the walls must be clean out from grease, dust or dirt. Fabric is a perfect choice to brighten up your kitchen design. If you want to move out, take a time to peel off the fabric and prepare dish washing liquid and a sponge to wash the starch off from the walls.

small apartment kitchen design

Dangling your slotted spoons and spatulas, right above the sink or stove from utensil racks. This is a nice move to maximize space and decorate the walls.

Group your favorite decorative plates by using wire plate hangers, just right above a doorway. Display knickknacks by hanging a small shelf. There are many things you can do, so be creative!

2. When you are renting an apartment, cabinet is available in your kitchen. Don’t expect a lot because it’s beyond your imagination. Cabinet is a focal point for small apartment kitchen design and therefore, make temporary changes based on your decorating style.

small apartment kitchen design

If painting the cabinet isn’t allowed by landlord, you can outsmart this problem with contact paper. You can find it in a variety of colors and styles, change the old cabinets look like a new one.

In a small apartment kitchen design, there is another thing need special attention. To create a new and elegant impression, replace the old cabinet hardware such as pulls or knobs with new ones. Remove them all from the cabinet and install the new one. Store the old hardware in a safe storage container. You have to install them again when you are ready to move out, do the same thing to contact paper that lining the cabinets.


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