9 Ways How to Start Kitchen Remodeling for Newbie

Kitchen remodeling takes a proper planning and don’t act without any planning because it will hurt you. If you want to remodel the kitchen to appear like a new, take following steps:

kitchen remodeling

1. Prepare your budget! Select appliances and features based on your budget, a smart move to buy as needed so no need to spend extra costs.

2. Find inspiration through multiple media such as magazines or pictures on the internet. Choose a design that fits well with your kitchen condition, cut out or print the pictures and put it in your planning notes.

3. Use pictures you get from magazines or the internet as inspiration. Gather everything you need, make a list, write down the items you need to complete your kitchen decor.

4. Before buying appliances, check out your kitchen condition. Buy a stove, refrigerator and dishwasher according to the room’s size. This is useful to get appliances that you can place without filling up the room and make a mess impression. So, all kitchen appliances can work well.

5. Pick the best material for your walls, there are many things you can do such as using home paint or small tiles. Both are the perfect choice to bring a new and fresh look to kitchen decor. For a small kitchen, better to use light colors and in the meantime, use dark colors to create an illusion of a smaller.

6. Cabinets become an important feature for kitchen, either for large or small space. Be careful choosing cabinets because they are available in a variety of sizes, styles and materials. Include cabinets in the shopping list and if you have sufficient funds, there is no harm in choosing custom-made cabinets.

7. Massive kitchen remodeling need full attention to the flooring element. Make sure choosing flooring to complete the wall color. If your kitchen floor using brown tile or wood, combine with beige color on the wall. Make sure this element include into your budget.

8. Faucet and sink are accessories with important role. Both features not only run its main function, but able to add a decorative touch.

9. Every kitchen decor needs adequate lighting system. Choose a lighting system can complete your kitchen style, don’t forget to widen the window or install a skylight to bring more natural light. Lighting system is small kitchen remodeling that give a big influence.

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