10 Easy Ways How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

As time goes by, kitchen cabinets start aging and fading. However, there is no need to spend money for a new cabinet. Some simple touches will make the old cabinet looks like a new one. Refinish old kitchen cabinets isn’t difficult for a beginner, as long follow all proper procedures.

how to refinish kitchen cabinets

How to refinish kitchen cabinets? There are a few things you need to prepare, such as:

Prepare your cabinets

1. First, you need to disassemble cabinet parts such as doors, hinges, etc. Before starting a disassemble activity, check one by one each piece and its position.

2. Prepare essential equipment such as a screwdriver to remove the doors, hinges, handles and pulls.

Wipe up the old finish

how to refinish kitchen cabinets

3. Prepare your budget to buy a finish remover. Choose the one that compatible with the original finish of the cabinets. If you want to remove the old finish and find the best remover, go to a good local paint store by taking up a drawer front or cabinet door for asking advice.

4. Prepare a comfortable workspace! Provide newspaper, drop cloth and plastic sheeting to protect the workspace. Before using stripper/remover, clean up the drawer fronts and cabinet doors.

5. Let the remover start to work, leave for recommended time. After that, you can start to pull remover and wipe up old finish. Use nylon abrasive pads, nylon scrubbing brushes and putty knives to clean up all contours, surfaces and corners. You can use molding scraper or contour scraper to remove the finish smoothly. If the process doesn’t work well, repeat it!how to refinish kitchen cabinets

6. Make sure to clean up all stripped surfaces. For consistent smoothness and coloring, then you must sand the wood surfaces.

How to refinish kitchen cabinets?

7. Before applying a new finish, find a tack cloth to clean up the drawer fronts, cabinet boxes and doors. Make sure no dust on their surfaces.

8. Now, you can start give a stain or coloring agent. Follow all instructions correctly. Wait until dry completely.

9. Do not forget to use a polyurethane varnish to improve durability and offer a water resistance feature.

10. Done! Put back all the pieces to their original locations.


how to refinish kitchen cabinets.

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