5 Ways to Create a Pink and Green Kitchen Decor

Do you ever imagine pink and green kitchen? In previous articles, we have discussed hot pink kitchen, now we move on to a combination of pink and green to enhance kitchen decor.

pink and green kitchen

Both colors blends perfectly and looks natural. This combination is suitable for various styles such as vintage, country, retro or cottage. Furniture, linens, ceramic and kitchen cookware are also available in pink and green. It seems easy to apply those both colors.

1. Pick subtle shades of pink and green which able to create a light and airy atmosphere. Do not use bold or harsh colors and you may prefer a light mint green or soft sage. Avoid bright colors!

2. Use pink and green for your cabinets. Choose a light pink to coat the cabinet doors, meanwhile light green to line the cabinet framework. A contrasting paint creates a unique and charming appearance.

3. Beautify the kitchen walls by installing a green beadboard wainscoting, and garnish with hanging antique cabbage rose wallpaper, especially in shades of pale pink and green. Another alternative is choosing toile wallpaper, especially the one with pink scenes on a neutral cream background.

4. Another way to enhance your decor is to display a collection of white and vintage pink plates. Previously, look for a white plate rack, install on the wall and put plate collection. As a sweetener, install a floating shelf just below the white plate rack to display tea towels or cloth napkins green and pink.

5. Obtain pink and green kitchen with the best result will more complete by looking for a pink refrigerator or stove and vintage appliances. Cover the walls with two shades lighter than your kitchen cabinet. Create a pink and green backsplash from ceramic tiles above the counter and spend your money for cookware in green or pink.

There are many things you can do for pink and green kitchen decor. Creativity plays an important role.

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