8 Ways to Clean Up Kitchen Rugs

There are many properly ways clean up kitchen rugs, but only a few people know how to do that. Kitchen is area that prone to dirt and dust, bad things can be happened to rugs and need maintenance. Cleaning rugs is not difficult to do, no need daily maintenance. Doing proper care will make them available to be re-used once again and free from several diseases.

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Kitchen rugs can be cleaned up in washing machines, but some of them are not. All depend on a tag attached to rugs. The tag has useful information about maintenance, but some rugs can’t be washed in a washing machine. In this case, these rugs can be cleaned up by using a laundry treatment, able to remove dirt and stains, a task can’t be completely executed by a washing machine.

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Removing stains and dirt on kitchen rugs is really important, but do not forget to take care of colors when washing. If you want to wash two rugs in different colors, light and dark, make sure not to put them in the same place because able to change the color both of them. Each color has different treatment! Light colors must be washed with water at a temperature higher than 105 degree Fahrenheit meanwhile dark colors at a temperature less than 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Please rinse rugs when washing to get efficient cleaning. Do this activity slowly and don’t be too harsh because you can damage the fibers, after that hang kitchen rugs until dry.

kitchen rugs

Here are eight steps to clean up kitchen rugs.

1. Find out the cleaning information of rugs on the tag.

2. For efficient cleaning, do pre-treat stains with stain remover or a laundry pre-treatment.

3. Clean rugs based on color. Do not put dark and light colors in the same place.

4. Wash light colors in a solution of mild detergent and warm water at a temperature higher than 105 degree F.

5. Wash dark colors in a solution of mild detergent and warm water at a temperature less than 90 degrees F.

6. Rinse kitchen rugs.

7. Hang rugs until dry.

8. After kitchen rugs dry, use your hands to brush the fibers.

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