5 Ways to Buy New Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Never forget the cabinet if you want to remodel the kitchen. It is an important element and unforgettable. Remodel kitchen design means you have to pay attention to cabinet and not difficult to fix it up, you can start by replacing the kitchen cabinet hardware.

kitchen cabinet hardware

The problem, look for a similar cabinet hardware or able to complete kitchen decor. This means, a homeowner is required to seek knobs, handles, latches and other hardware in a single theme. Cabinet hardware is available in a variety of designs and styles, ready to offer something new.

1. The first step, you have to match the shapes of cabinet hardware to elements in your kitchen style. For instance, a garden kitchen looks perfect with vegetable-shaped knobs or sunflower knobs mounted on cabinet.

Meanwhile, natural or log-cabin kitchen will look awesome with branch-shaped handles and pulls mounted on cabinet. Kitchen cabinet hardware with teapot and teacup knobs will look stunning for country design.

kitchen cabinet hardware

2. Next, you have to match the knobs and pulls with the materials that exist in your kitchen style. Marble countertop or backsplash will look perfect with marble knobs installed on cabinet. In this case, you must buy knobs in the same finish and material as the existed materials in your kitchen. For instance, buy copper with copper or granite with granite.

3. You also need to match the styling of cabinet hardware with the styling of your kitchen style. If you apply a modern or contemporary style, choose European bar pulls. Meanwhile, a country kitchen will look awesome with cast iron handles and knobs get installed on cabinet.

kitchen cabinet hardware

4. If you apply an era-theme into your kitchen, you must choose kitchen cabinet hardware that match the theme. Retro or vintage kitchen will look outstanding with rustic wood, pewter or ceramic knobs. Meanwhile, glass or porcelain knobs will complete Victorian style.

5. Don’t forget to replace the old hinges with the new ones. Make sure to select appropriate hinges hardware, both in terms of material and finish.

In selecting the hardware, don’t forget pay attention to your kitchen cabinet design.


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