Useful Tips For Choosing Granite Countertops

There are many materials often used as countertop, one of them is granite. Before choosing granite countertops, homeowners must see on several aspects such as edging, finish, color and physical properties. Here are several tips for choosing granite countertops!

Finish & style

tips for choosing granite countertops

Granite is available in a variety of colors such as beige, coral, green, white and black. Even granite has the same color and look. Be careful when choosing granite, light-colored countertop stains more easily than the dark one. So, if you have young children, better pick a dark granite countertop.

As one of tips for choosing granite countertops, pay attention to the finishing touch. There are two available finishes in the market, honed and polished. Which one should you choose? Polished granite is the best choice instead of honed granite. So, before you buy one for your kitchen, pay attention to available finishes and colors.

Edging options

tips for choosing granite countertops

Granite countertops have a variety of edging options such as bullnose, round, waterfall, beveled and square edges. Choosing a rounded edge countertop is the best option for homeowners with unlimited budget. For homeowners with limited budget, a square edge is the best choice because the price is affordable. Be careful when selecting, several edging options may increase the cost of granite and affected the look of countertops.

Extra tips

tips for choosing granite countertops

Several manufacturers create granite countertop with mixing materials such as tile, glass and wood. As one of tips for choosing granite countertops, buy the one that completes one another. Create a unified look will be easier if homeowners choose common finishes and colors. Read more about granite countertops tips to find everything you need!

In this case, choose granite in the same color to those used for the walls, cabinets or floor. Do you want to make the countertop as a focal point? Choose a unique type of granite! Before buying a countertop, don’t forget to bring samples of other kitchen materials. This is one of tips for choosing granite countertops that may help you get the best.

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