Useful Kitchen Renovation Estimator

How much money do you must spend for kitchen renovation? All depend on certain condition. Before starting a renovation project, prepare the budget you need. How? Based on several cases, the budget for renovate kitchen is around fifteen percent of the home value. So, if you are looking kitchen renovation estimator, prepare 15% of your home value.

Stick to budget

kitchen renovation estimator

How stick to a budget? That’s a problem often showing up. Doing renovation and stick to a budget isn’t an easy case. Homeowners advisable to make a research and a list of plan, proper preparation will help cut down the costs. For example, if your home value is around $250,000, prepare the budget around $38,000 – $40,000. Don’t forget preparing extra budget to anticipate unwanted things.

Budget around fifteen percent of the home value includes as a major renovation project, based on the price of expensive items such as countertops, appliances, cabinets, hardware, fixtures, lighting and flooring. So does with installation of gas, plumbing and electrical. Take this concept as a kitchen renovation estimator for a major overhaul.

Make a list

kitchen renovation estimator

Before starting the project, make a list of everything you need. Fill the kitchen with important items, especially the things you cannot live without. After that, include desire items that you want the most especially cabinets, countertops and flooring. Remember to fill the kitchen with the most important items first, then you may fill with other options.


kitchen renovation estimator

Include work station, entertainment style, family size and frequent guests who often came to the kitchen. Make sure the kitchen have enough space if you have a large family. If you want to bring entertainment into the room, consider a big table with lots of counter space. Kitchen layout and design must meet basic needs.

Using the kitchen renovation estimator in this article will help you anticipate the costs. Do something that may fit your needs, avoid something useless will cut unnecessary costs.


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