Useful Kitchen Remodel Cost Estimator

Remodel is the main solution for homeowners who feel bored with their kitchens. Before doing it, they must prepare budget. How much money do they need? Homeowners use the kitchen remodel cost estimator to start their projects. Nowadays, there are many websites offering this service, either free or premium. Do kitchen remodel need a lot of money? An expert divides remodel projects into three groups: Low-range, Middle-range and High-end estimates.

kitchen remodel cost estimator

Low-range budget

Low budget to remodel kitchen may start approximately $100 to $125 per square foot. In low budget project, there won’t be any major changes in the physical room. All ideas intend to make kitchens appear brighter and fresher. No need to replace old cabinets, only replacing the parts such as doors, hardware, pulls, knobs or drawer fronts.

kitchen remodel cost estimator

Mid-range budget

Mid budget to remodel kitchen space may start approximately $200 to $250 per square foot. In mid budget project, homeowners will have more choices, but they will face price and quality. Usually, they want to make kitchens appear more elegant, using quality items. Sometimes, homeowners replace old furniture with something new.

kitchen remodel cost estimator

High-end budget

High-end budget to remodel kitchen space may start approximately $300 or more per square foot. Nowadays, finding kitchen remodel cost estimator for high-end budget is easy. This project intends to make kitchens appear classy and elegant by using high-end furniture, appliances and stuff.

kitchen remodel cost estimator

Go to, this website contains useful information about kitchen. It offers kitchen remodel cost estimator easy to use and access. Only enter zip location on the column box, visitors can learn how much money they must prepare, either for minimum, average or maximum costs.

The website also gives free guidance to remodel kitchen. In the article, there are five elements need a lot of attention, starting from cabinets, countertops, sinks, flooring and appliances. Those have important roles, if you consider five elements above, the budget will increase higher. Kitchen remodel cost estimator has a lot of functions to ease the project. Before you start your own project, you must learn how much budget you need to anticipate unwanted cost.

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