Useful Information About Granite Countertops

Granite has been used as a building stone for many years and one of the best countertop materials. Many homeowners choose a granite countertop since they are famous for its aesthetically pleasing. Not only that, granite is sturdy, hold up well to wear and tear. Many people choose granite countertops for several certain reasons and to avoid a wrong decision you need to learn all information in this article.

the advantages granite countertops information

To be honest, many people still doubt about granite because they only have a little information about it. Granite is an ordinary rock that comes from part of the continental crust. It contains of several minerals such as mica, quartz and feldspar. Granite is formed by heat beneath the surface with under great pressure, no wonder if it is famous for dense and very hard.

Why granite is an ideal material for countertop? It is considered as a hard stone, no need to doubt for its durability factor. As mentioned in the first paragraph, granite hold up well to wear and tear. Good maintenance will make sure its existence and survive in the kitchen for a longer time.

disadvantage granite countertops information

Most granite countertops on the market are made from a large slab of granite that is cut into many pieces with detailed thickness. Many manufacturers polish the surface in a high quality method to make the countertop appears wonderful. Based on information, many homeowners have granite countertops made of tiles and not a slab.

How much money will you spend for a granite countertop? If compared to other choices for the kitchen, granite countertops are in most cases more pricey. However, the durability factor becomes the main point and these countertops can be a nice choice for a long-term investment.

money granite countertops information

Granite is a natural stone that need a proper maintenance. It porous and must be resealed every three to five years. Granite countertops in the store already have original sealant but over time will wear away. Reseal will make sure the surface won’t be easily staining.

Since you want to know all useful information about granite countertops, please learn about the disadvantages too. Never use acidic home cleaning products to clean up the surface, they are dangerous and eat away at the polished surface. Use neutral cleaning products or a solution of water and soap. Another disadvantage is the color choices of granite are limited compared to other types of counters.

made of granite countertops information

Based on the information above, there are several reasons to consider granite countertops.

a. A unique design! There are no two stones of granite look exactly the same.

b. A perfect choice for neutral kitchens. Limited color options and only available in a few colorful shades.

c. Granite countertops will add aesthetically pleasing to kitchen design and boost home value. The expensive price won’t be a big problem for a long-term investment.

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