6 Useful Ideas for Small Kitchen

For some homeowners, small kitchen isn’t a big problem. Thanks to small kitchen ideas, space limitation can be easily tricked out! If you have a problem with space limitation because a small kitchen, there are handy ideas to resolve it.

small kitchen ideas

1. A classic way to trick space limitation on a small kitchen is by adding storage in every corner possible. This trick helps reduce clutter problem, hide all unnecessary items in cupboards. A tidy counter will help your kitchen look more spacious. Storage solutions are also available in a creative way such as knife drawers, built-in spice and sliding drawers.

2. Choose smaller appliances give a huge impact. Some manufacturers offer products for small kitchen. There are also products that built in a combination to maximize counter space such as freestanding stove or microwave hood combination. Buy small appliances based on your needs, but don’t be too excessive and be simple without look busy.

3. Lighting plays a crucial role to create a spacious illusion, no wonder it comes as one of small kitchen ideas. Small kitchen need ample lighting to eliminate dark area. Lighting system for kitchen is available in a number of options, such as under-cabinet lighting, spot-lights or pendant fixtures.

Besides artificial light, small kitchen also need natural light that comes from the sun. If you are doing a large-scale kitchen remodel, create extra window or widen the existing window or adding a skylight.

4. Consider not to hang upper cabinets, it’s better to install open shelving in order to create an open feeling. This trick will make the walls become more open, but you have to organize neatly all items since there is will be any door at all.

5. Since your small kitchen have small counter, provide mobile carts to increase workspace. These carts are versatile and easy to move if not needed, save more room.

6. The last thing you can do as a part of small kitchen ideas is to use light or bright colors. Small kitchen is highly compatible with those colors. You can use them to cover the walls and some kitchen elements such as counters and cabinets.

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