Useful & Easy Kitchen Price Estimator

Nowadays, more and more homeowners using kitchen price estimator to help their projects. Many websites offering this free service such as and The program will help homeowners to set the budget for kitchen remodel or build a new design.

kitchen price estimator offers many options such as fitting, appliances, work tops, cabinets, walls, islands, sinks and waste disposal units. However, this website is a great reference for people who live in India while for British people. offers something simple. Visitors only need to tick a few boxes such as style, connection and cabinet finishes.

Useful information from, kitchen price will increase or decrease based on needs and desires such as kitchen units, worktops, doors and drawers, appliances and installation.

appliances kitchen price estimator

Kitchen units

The prices for new kitchen units are approximately £1,000 up to £8,500, starting from affordable brands such as IKEA to premium brands such as John Lewis. The price will go higher if homeowners choosing custom units. Unlike cheaper units, custom units may fit well to desires and needs.

Doors and drawers

New doors and drawers are the easiest one to boost a kitchen appearance. The costs are lower than buying new cabinets. There is a variety of options available on the market, from the cheapest to the most expensive. Avoid cheaper door fronts with a printed paper film, these can get damage and scratch easily.

units kitchen price estimator


Don’t forget to include worktops into the kitchen price estimator. Prices vary depending on the material and finish, approximately £50 to £500 or more. Laminate worktops become the cheapest choice, durable and long lasting, but the quality is run-of-the-mill. Solid wood or granite worktops are more expensive. Both have a beautiful finish and could last longer with proper treatment.


Buy new appliances with Energy Star label. The budget may vary depends on brands, sizes and features. Buy something important first and avoid wasting money for unimportant items.

Installation cost

Don’t forget to include installation cost into kitchen price estimator, so you will know exactly all costs.

Besides using price estimator from and, consider using the same program from For more options, browse Google site and type “kitchen price estimator”.

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