How to Use Online Kitchen Planner in a Couple Minute

Nowadays, there are so many websites offer online kitchen planner. Most of them are free and easy to use. These programs allow you to experiment, bring out creativity to create a good design by combining all features and furniture. Using kitchen design tool such as online planner is highly advisable before you purchase appliances or cabinets, so you will buy something fit for your kitchen space.

online kitchen planner

There are two trusted websites that offer online kitchen planner such as: IKEA and SmartDraw.


online kitchen planner

1. Go visit SmartDraw website. Before using the program, you have to download the free trial planner program, but you are only allowed to use it for seven days.

2. Choose your favorite kitchen floor plan based on the suggested layouts, just do double click on the layout that you want. The layout automatically added into the planner workspace, where you can add doors, windows and walls. All features can be used easily by moving the mouse.

3. Click the disc icon to save your plans, you can find it at the top left portion of the screen. Click the printer icon to print out your plans.


online kitchen planner

1. First, you have to visit the IKEA website. Download the free Kitchen Planner by choosing the word “Design your Dream Kitchen”. The installation process may take a time, click the Finish button once the process completes.

2. Open the program, you can find the icon at the desktop. Determine the space of your kitchen, start from room square footage area, room shape and wall height.

3. This online kitchen planner is easy to use and you can add room elements to the layout such as water pipes, gas, windows, doors and electricity.

4. If you want to fill your design with IKEA products, select “Furnish” on the top portion of the Home Planner. There are a lot of choices you can pick.

5. The program also allows you to check a 3D version of your kitchen design. Just hit the “3D” button!

If you are looking for alternative online kitchen planner, consider to visit

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