How to Update Kitchen Cabinet Door Fronts

Nowadays, there are so many ways updating kitchen cabinet and one of them is replacing the old doors. This is a smart choice for homeowners who have limited budget, but not everyone agrees with it. Limited budget become the main reason, replacing the old doors with the new ones need a budget too. For homeowners with ‘extremely’ limited budget, giving new finish to kitchen cabinet doors especially the fronts is the best way!

kitchen cabinet doors fronts

How to give a new finishing to kitchen cabinet door fronts? First, sanding the door fronts and make sure the surface is clean in preparation for painting. Here are several steps you can do!

kitchen cabinet doors fronts

1. Remove the doors from the cabinet base by using a screwdriver. Don’t forget to make marks so you will be easier to reinstall the doors to the correct location. Prepare a container to store hardware such as hinges, knobs, etc.

2. Prepare a rag, warm water and grease-fighting dish-washing soap to scrub the doors. This activity helps remove grime and other debris that often build up on the surface of kitchen cabinets.

3. Sand the kitchen cabinet door fronts with 120-grit sandpaper. This activity aims to let primer and paint stick well. After sanding the doors, do not forget to wipe off the surface with a clean tack cloth to rid of the dust.

4. Prepare oil-based primer and give to the door fronts. Remember to use a paint roller and apply a thin layer only for even coating. Let the oil-based primer to dry.

kitchen cabinet doors fronts

5. How many layers do you need to apply? Give two or three thin layers and let the primer dry completely.

6. Add an interest look to flat doors with decorative trim.

7. After everything is done well, install the cabinet doors to their correct location. To maximize the appearance of kitchen cabinet door fronts, install new hardware such as hinges and knobs.

This is the best way updating kitchen cabinet doors especially the fronts in minimum budget. Before starting the project, please prepare everything you need!

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