Unusual Yet Attractive Kitchen Designs

There are various kitchen designs in 2014 and there are some popular designs that you shouldn’t miss. Since your kitchen is a very important area, several things need to be taken into your consideration, when you want to design this area. When it comes to designing your kitchen, you need to pay more attention with some aspects from the functionality, convenience, time-efficient and hygiene. Your kitchen should be flexible enough, allowing you to prepare foods in an effective way.


What is Hot In Kitchen Designs 2014?

Well, there are several kitchen designs that are getting more and more popular in 2014. What are they? Below are some popular kitchen designs that may inspire you:

Our first choice goes to brass, as you can see some options such as lamps, brass fixtures and accessories become a trend these days. Don’t forget about brass faucets, a great choice which adds luxury in your kitchen without breaking the bank. As they are available at any price ranges, allowing you to choose one that fits with your budget.

kitchen designs

Another popular kitchen design is the use of some awesome accessories such as lamps, oversized light fixtures and other lighting ideas which give a more elegant look in the kitchen.

Colorful appliances are also becoming more and more popular among many homeowners, they look great and add style in the kitchen in a more unique way. Homeowners can explore some different colors from blue, red to green, experimenting with these ideas would be very fun.

Spacious, big kitchen islands are also popular, they look trendy and give your kitchen a more funky style. These kitchen islands are not only functional, they serve as a focal point in your kitchen.

Take a good look at some of these kitchen designs and see which kitchen design that you want to apply in your kitchen.

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