Under Cabinet Lighting Options You Can Pick

Nowadays, under cabinet lighting becomes a new standard in any kitchen remodels. It has useful benefits to provide task lighting and available in a number of different types with different benefits too. What are they?

under cabinet lighting

1. The first choice of kitchen light fixtures that become a favorite is LED lighting. This type won’t consume too much electricity just like standard bulbs, which is mean, less heat and lower power bills. Many people choose an LED light because its durability and able last up to 10 times longer than a standard bulb. One disadvantage is the price problem. However, it won’t be a big problem if you want a long-term investment.

under cabinet lighting

2. Another alternative for under cabinet lighting is Xenon bulbs. They can be a great alternative to halogen bulbs because emit less heat. The best benefits to choose Xenon rather than halogen are: more long lasting and less heat (no need gloves to touch it). Since it is less heat, Xenon won’t make your workspace stiflingly hot, thanks to dimmable feature.

3. The last option you can pick is fluorescent light fixtures. The price for this under cabinet lighting is cheaper than others, a good choice if you want affordable lighting feature under the cabinets. Just like Xenon, Fluorescent lights are less heat rather than halogen, moreover, easy to find this light and easy to change the bulbs.

under cabinet lighting

However, a potential exposure to mercury is the disadvantage of fluorescent, so be careful when replacing the bulbs, keep away the old bulbs from children and throw them away properly.

So, what is your choice? There are three options above, but if you want a piece of advice, LED lights can be a great choice as under cabinet lighting. Indeed, they are more expensive than the last two options, but they won’t be a big problem if you want a long-term investment. LED lights have so much benefit and help you out to have lower monthly power bill.

For limited budget, it’s fine to choose fluorescent lights. However, you must handle them properly since they have a potential exposure to mercury.

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