7 Types of Kitchen Lighting Fixtures You Can Choose From

Nowadays, kitchen lighting fixtures are available in a number of choices! These are made in different sizes, shapes, colors and styles. Consumers will have a lot of choices, so they can choose a certain light that suits to their kitchen decor. Here are some types of kitchen lighting fixtures:

kitchen lighting fixtures

1. Ceiling fixtures can be a good choice to bring general lighting to the entire area. This type suits well in different spots, whether you installed it over a kitchen table or a breakfast nook.

2. Chandeliers are a good choice to bring out elegant touch. Before installing this type of lamp, make sure there is enough space. Hang it over a dining table or dining room to create a formal and elegant appearance.

3. Pendant is one of kitchen lighting fixtures and this lamp works well as task lighting. Create a nice appearance by placing this lamp over islands or counter areas. For small kitchen, mini-pendant can be a great addition. It requires small space. Meanwhile, multi-light pendant is a great choice for bigger spaces.

kitchen lighting fixtures

4. Another type is wall lights! This type can be a complete addition to the existing kitchen lamp. You can use it as general, accent or task lighting. The best spots to install wall lights are either sides of an artwork, which could serve as a focal point.

5. Track lighting fixtures also famous as railing lighting systems. This type has a wide range of model. The track, the most important part is available in different shapes such as straight, curved, short or long.

6. Beautify your kitchen area with recessed lighting can be a good choice, they can work as general, accent or task lighting.

7. The last option of kitchen lighting fixtures you can choose is the under cabinet fixtures. This type is available in different options such as slender strips, small recessed disks, mini track systems and surface mounted. It can serve as task lighting and able to be installed inside cabinets.

Before you spend money for one of these kitchen lighting fixtures, learn condition of your kitchen, especially the style or theme. Don’t forget to prepare budget too!

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