Several Types of Kitchen Layout Ready to Use

Determine kitchen layout is really important to help homeowners prepare meals easily and build an effective work triangle. A nice work triangle is the distance between the fridge, cooker and sink. An efficient layout must have a short step between these three points. There are three popular kitchen layout ideas you can pick.

1. U-shaped kitchen design

At a glance, the U-shaped kitchen has the same concept with the L-shaped layout, but this U kitchen layout has a third wall. The sink is located between the fridge and the cooker, however, the sink always located in the middle wall section.

kitchen layout

On the side walls, the fridge and cooker are facing each other. This kitchen layout allows homeowners to move easily and reach everything without trouble. Many experts praise U-shaped kitchen design since able to give plenty of room for appliances and cabinets.

2. L-shaped kitchen design

kitchen layout

This kitchen layout has one short side and one long side. Totally different from U-shaped kitchen design, the L-shaped design has the refrigerator on one side meanwhile the cooker at the other side and the sink feature is between them. This kitchen layout enable homeowner to put a center island without make the room looks busy. No wonder if this layout is very popular since offers efficiency and simplicity.

3. Galley concept

The last thing you can consider is the galley or corridor kitchen layout. It is a nice choice for small kitchen with 3 to 5-feet wide aisle. If you observed it carefully, there is nothing different with U-shaped kitchen design, but especially present for small space.

kitchen layout

In order to save more space, the sink must be in the same line with the cooker, so cooking activities can be done easily. Meanwhile for the fridge must be placed on the opposite wall, make sure the placement gives an easy access for everyone without interrupt the cook’s activities.

Before you are going to apply a kitchen layout, learn everything you need to know. Find references, read articles and see some pictures on the Internet. U-shaped, L-shaped and galley offer different advantages and disadvantages, pick the one that match to your kitchen condition.

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