Three Types of Kitchen Cabinets at Lowe’s

There are several retail stores selling kitchen cabinets and one of them is Lowe’s. As one of the famous stores in U.S, they are selling products in different options so potential buyers can pick the one fit their need. Since Lowe’s has a wide range of products, sometimes potential buyers unable to narrow down their choices. To solve this problem, the company gives buying guide.

Kitchen cabinets at Lowe’s available in different usefulness, homeowners can use cabinets to store wine, cutlery, etc. All products try to meet specific needs of potential buyers. Before making a purchase, find out the cabinet that works well for you, either basic needs, kitchen style and so on.

Lowe’s divides products into three categories!

Stock cabinets

kitchen cabinets lowe’s

This option is available in standard shapes and sizes. If homeowners buy this cabinet from the store, then they will have the same thing in the kitchen and nothing less. Stock cabinets are only available in limited styles and sizes, so there is no alternative option if homeowners can’t find something that fits their basic needs. Overall, stock kitchen cabinets at Lowe’s become the best choice for homeowners with limited budget. Most products are labeled in affordable prices.

Semi-custom cabinets

kitchen cabinets lowe’s

This option is an alternative if stock cabinet unable to meet your basic needs. Semi-custom cabinet will be built after buyer make an order, buyer can choose cabinet from certain styles and sizes that fit enough in the kitchen. This option helps homeowners who have small kitchen because they can have a cabinet based on the room’s condition. However, the price of this cabinet is a little more expensive and requires a longer time for delivery than stock cabinet.

Custom cabinets

kitchen cabinets lowe’s

This is the last option to fit basic needs. However, custom kitchen cabinets at Lowe’s are really expensive compare to the last two available options, but they are the best. Homeowners can decide the design of cabinet, pay attention to all elements start from materials, sizes, colors and functionality. Even though this option will take a lot of time to build, custom cabinets are the best.

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