4 Types of High Gloss Kitchen Cabinet Doors

If your cabinet looks dull, try giving an update is the best thing you can do. There are many ways to do it, start from replacing the doors, hardware and color. However, replacing the cabinet doors is the best way to bring a new look for kitchen decor. Nowadays, several manufacturers produce kitchen cabinet doors in various styles and finishes, the one you must consider is high gloss.

high gloss kitchen cabinet doors

If you are interested in high gloss kitchen cabinet doors, then there are many things, such as the price and material.


high gloss kitchen cabinet doors

High gloss cabinet doors are available in four different types based on the material used:

1. High gloss lacquer.

2. Acrylic.

3. Vinyl or PVC.

4. Melamine or known as HPL (High Pressure Laminate).

high gloss kitchen cabinet doors

If you ask which one is the best, then all depends on your budget too. High gloss kitchen cabinet doors with high ratings are expensive, but they are glossier and no need to doubt the quality they offer. In this case, you may narrow down your option to high gloss lacquer.

If you are on budget, consider high gloss kitchen cabinet doors made of PVC or Melamine, both are easy to find. Melamine is inexpensive and a good choice for homeowners on budget, but the drawback is not too glossy. If the first choice is too tuppenny, consider PVC as the second option, it’s more affordable and has better quality.

high gloss kitchen cabinet doors

For something nicer, a finish that is like glass, drop down your option to acrylic or lacquer if you already prepare sufficient budget. Acrylic cabinet doors look glossy with a finish like a piece of glass, they are a good choice to bring an elegant touch into the room. Although acrylic is little bit pricey than PVC, it can be a second option if you can’t afford for lacquer.

The last option is the most expensive than three available options. However, several people do not hesitate to spend money for high gloss lacquer cabinet doors and they are the perfect one to bring an elegant touch in a stunning finish. They are fit well to expose color and illuminate the room.

Those are the four types of high gloss kitchen cabinet doors based on the used materials.

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