Top 9 Kitchen Design Tips You Can Do

When making a design for your kitchen, there are many things need to consider. What are they? Well, spend your time to read all kitchen design tips in this article.

safety kitchen design tips


Before redesigning your kitchen, please study the basic function you want. Nowadays, many homeowners build a kitchen with different purposes, whether as a place to cook and hangout. After that, determine the layout!


Don’t forget to prepare enough storage space. Many homeowners are not including storage space in a sufficient number, so they don’t know how to store items. There are many things can be done, such as maximize cabinets, preparing an island and so on.

lighting kitchen design tips


As one of kitchen design tips, install a proper lighting system. Overhead lighting is not enough to illuminate the entire kitchen space. Install under-cabinet lights, pendant lights over the island or track lights.

Power source

Before placing appliances in a certain spot, make sure there is a power source. So, all appliances can work properly.

function kitchen design tips

Clean surface

The surface of countertop must be easy to maintain. A clean surface will make the kitchen looks outstanding. Several materials have some drawbacks, but daily maintenance will help the countertop has an awesome look.

Fresh look

Reusing appliances or items from the old kitchen is one of kitchen design tips, a nice solution for homeowners who have limited budget. However, old appliances or items must have a new touch. For example, replace the handles of old cabinet with something new.

clean surface kitchen design tips


Since kitchen is accessible for anyone, including children, so make sure the safety of your kitchen area. There are many things can be done, such as install slip-resistant flooring, choose rounded countertops or put an oven at adult height, out of reach by children.


Pay attention to a hygiene factor! Install a range hood to remove cooking odors and make a plan for garbage and recycling bins.

storage kitchen design tips


In this case, consider slip-resistance flooring. Choose something that is easy to maintain and durable. Several flooring options have advantages and disadvantages! As one of kitchen design tips, study them all carefully before deciding a choice.

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