Tips And Tricks For Small Galley Kitchen

Having a small galley kitchen is not a big problem, there are many ways to get a nice design that highly functional. This article explains three popular concepts often used by professional designers to small galley kitchens.


one wall small galley kitchens

This design depends on kitchen layout, so make sure there is one long wall to place appliances and cabinets. The sink position must be in the middle of the counter space and countertop on either side of it. Prepare extra-wide base cabinets if there is available room and install open shelving to make kitchen appear larger. Bring more open atmosphere into the room with handleless cabinets in pale colors, so does counters and floors.


small galley kitchens

This design involves two long walls, each wall has different functions. Use one side for cooking a meal and put important features such as refrigerator, microwave, oven and counter workspace. Use the other wall as cleaning area, with counter top space, dishwasher and sink.

One-wall plus an island

one wall island small galley kitchens

One-wall design may not have adequate counter space and the best solution is providing extra counter, an island. Place a kitchen island on available space, especially the opposite space. If the space is limited and narrowed, consider a movable island with wheels.

Besides three concepts above, there are many tips and tricks often used by professionals to small galley kitchens, aim to make the room appear larger.

Light colors

Avoid painting the kitchen space in dark colors, but choose a light color to make the room feel spacious. The best light colors such as pale yellow, cream or light blue. Paint the ceiling and all walls with a lighter color, a trick to open up the space.

Natural Light

Most small galley kitchens have adequate natural light because it can make a room feel more open and larger. Choose sheer curtains, so natural light from sunlight easier to get in. Consider expanding the windows or add extra windows or a skylight.

Lighting fixture

Be wise before buying lighting fixtures, avoid the dark shades. Choose track lighting or recessed lighting fixtures, add lighting fixtures under cabinet. Small galley kitchens must bright for a more spacious illusion.

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