Tips & Trick to Find the Best Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting becomes a very important element that must be existed. However, kitchen lighting ideas are now available in different types, models and themes. Not an easy task to find the best choice for spice up the cooking area. If you like to follow new trends, these ideas should be written on your list.

Update general lighting

kitchen lighting

Nowadays, ceiling lights still dominate in many kitchens and consider as one of the most popular lighting fixtures. If you feel bored with this option, consider another alternative such as hanging lights which are available in two different types: pendants and chandeliers.

Update task lighting

kitchen lighting

A nice kitchen must have good task lighting, so homeowners can prepare food ingredients without getting cut a sharp knife. Choosing task kitchen lighting can be a challenging job because you have to find something bright and can be targeted. Task lighting should be installed under the cabinet and above a kitchen island.

Update accent lighting

kitchen lighting

As the last touch, consider update accent lighting. This option helps create a good mood. There are many ways to deal with this, you can install it inside cabinets or highlight a painting on the wall. A nice idea you can use is installing dim lights under the toe-kick of cabinets or island.

Here a few tips of kitchen lighting you can apply.

  • Create decorative interest for the kitchen by hanging a fixture over the table.
  • Spice up the kitchen island with recessed lights or fluorescent lighting fixtures, hang them above the island. If you want to create more visual interest, install two or three smaller pendants.
  • If you have collectibles displayed above the cabinets, install directional recessed lights to them.
  • If you want to have under cabinet lights, better use fluorescent or halogen to illuminate the countertops.
  • Install toe-kick lighting at the bottom of kitchen cabinets become a smart choice and popular these days.

Finding the best choice of kitchen lighting won’t be a difficult task as long you make a decision based on needs and preferences.

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