Tips to Maximize Galley Kitchen Space

Having a small galley kitchen is not a problem if a homeowner enjoys this room. The main problem often comes up is the room appear smaller and unsightly for the eyes. This problem is not a big issue as homeowners can handle it so well. How? Here are four tips you can directly apply!



Put a mirror in the kitchen not works as decoration only, this accessory can help the space feel more spacious and larger. Hang up a group of small framed mirrors above the backsplash and under cabinets will help reflect the sunlight to entire space.



Don’t be scared play with colors, this aspect is one of 7 steps to create galley kitchen designs. To make galley kitchen feels spacious and larger, better using a cool paint color such as icy blue or sage green. Please avoid warmer paint colors as able to create a negative effect for the kitchen. Besides covering the walls in a light color, do the same thing with the ceilings. However, use a lighter color than the walls to create a spacious and higher effect.

Cabinets and Shelving


Make sure the counter is free from a clutter look, that’s why you need cabinets and shelving to store appliances and cutlery. Install shelving on the walls to put supplies and kitchen tools. To have a neat look, put small kitchen tools and supplies on jars, boxes and baskets based on need. Paint your existing cabinets with a fresh color or remove cabinet doors and replace them with glass-fronted doors.



A clean galley kitchen has a nice atmosphere as help the room appears larger and spacious. In this matter, keep the counter always clean and that’s not an easy task to do, but at least you can hiding up unnecessary items or throw away useless items. Don’t forget decorate your kitchen in a certain style and contemporary is a good choice. Don’t accessorize the walls with too many decorations, keep them look simple.

Try applying all tips above will help maximize your galley kitchen to appear larger and spacious.

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