Tips To Have a Kitchen Backsplash

There are many important elements must have by a kitchen, one of them is backsplash. Home designers recommend it to protect the walls above a sink or countertop from stains, splash and moisture damage. A kitchen backsplash is made of high-quality materials, offers a water-resistant feature. Materials to create this element have different features, some are easy to clean and maintain, while the others create a luxury look.

kitchen backsplash

Here are useful tips to have a kitchen backsplash:

1. Materials to build a kitchen backsplash are available in various styles and types. You can use tiles made of stone, ceramic, porcelain, etc.

2. Talking about styles, you can find materials in contemporary, country, traditional, arts & crafts, etc.

kitchen backsplash

3. Before buying or when selecting backsplash materials, do not forget to take a piece of countertop or take photo of your kitchen. Available materials are very diverse, of course, not an easy case to find the best. Narrow down your options by considering sample of kitchen paint, hardware, floor material, cabinet door, etc.

4. If permitted, take the tile samples to your home, so you will be easier to determine a choice.

5. Consider color and texture of the materials.

6. The last thing, spending a time to look collection of backsplash photos as reference.

kitchen backsplash

Are you ready to have a kitchen backsplash? Here are the best materials you can pick.

1. Natural stone is popular option and many homeowners often choose marble or granite as a basic material to make backsplash. This material has a lot of advantages: strong, durable and easy maintenance. You can find natural stone in a wide variety of styles and colors.

2. Metal consists of stainless steel or aluminum, this material is a nice choice to complete modern kitchen. Metal has a lot of advantages: strong, durable and long-lasting, not easy get scratches and dents.

3. Tile available in different materials such as ceramic, glass, porcelain and metal. Tiles also are available in a wide variety of designs, shapes and colors.

4. Laminate also a nice option because the price is affordable and easy to clean. Laminate kitchen backsplash can be a new focal point.

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