10 Tips Designing A Kitchen On A Budget

Designing a kitchen on a budget isn’t a big deal even for beginners. Proper plan makes everything easier. So, what can you do?

designing a kitchen on a budget


The first thing is taking a research. Spend more time to do a research, visit different stores (online or offline). Gaining a lot of references will open your mind and get more ideas come out.

Simple look!

That’s the keyword to stay on a budget. You can apply it to all elements in the kitchen such as cabinets, countertops or cupboards.

designing a kitchen on a budget

Energy-saving label

Be careful when selecting appliances. Expensive brands can cost you a lot, consider basic appliances as long as work perfectly meets your need. However, you are advisable to choose appliances with energy-saving label because they will help save monthly electrical bills.

Undermount sink

Do you want to build a modern kitchen? Consider a stainless-steel undermount sink! No need to buy expensive brand, a cheaper one can make your worktop look stylish and elegant.

designing a kitchen on a budget


Every kitchen needs a worktop. When designing a kitchen on a budget, you can buy a honed granite worktop. It’s cheap, durable and chic.

A quality tap

Complete the look of your sink area by choosing a good quality kitchen tap. A good quality tap has an affordable price and it won’t drain your savings.

designing a kitchen on a budget


Buy a new cabinet always become a win solution for a new kitchen design, but the old cabinet can be a nice alternative choice. Renew the look of existing cabinet by refacing, removing old doors, knobs or hardware and applying a new paint color.


A simple way to design a kitchen is determining the color scheme. Change the old color of your kitchen with something new. All professional designers call this trick as the cheapest and easiest way to gain a new look.

Window treatments

Buy a light curtain that makes the sunlight or natural light easy to going through.

Lighting system

Buy a new light fixture is a nice way to bring a new atmosphere.

When designing a kitchen on a budget, there are several factors you need to consider carefully in order to gain a new look.

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