3 Tips For Choosing Concrete Countertops

There are so many countertop options you can choose from and one of them is concrete countertop. It has advantages loved by many homeowners. The market for these countertops has grown drastically in the last few years. Nowadays, homeowners can choose any color, style and shape. The look of concrete countertops may vary based on desire while some people call them as a counter that will never be duplicated because each one has its own uniqueness. Here are concrete countertops tips you need to know!

concrete countertops tips

Unending colors

Many manufacturers offer various types of coloring that give flexibility for homeowners to choose from. Integral colors or pigments become the most common option and homeowners also have privilege to add dyes and stains.

concrete countertops tips

Precast or cast-in-place

Before buying a concrete countertop, you will face two options: precast or cast-in-place. The first option, precast, is the most popular. It’s also known as pre-fabricated method. The counters are formed and produced directly in a workshop. In the workshop, the counter forms fabricated and the concrete is poured. After everything is ready, the concrete countertops are ready to get sent to buyer’s home.

concrete countertops tips

The second option, cast-In-place, is totally different from the first one. In this method, the counters will be built on the job site or buyer’s home. Build the counters won’t be the same as precast, need more patient.

As one of concrete countertops tips, learning the advantages and disadvantages between precast or cast-in-place is really important. Precast is more recommended since the product will going through a high quality standard process. The quality control of the workshop is more proven and difficult to duplicate on the job site.

concrete countertops tips


Concrete countertops must be properly sealed to protect the surface from scratches, heat and stains. Waxes and acrylics were the popular sealers, but now there are more options available. New sealers make the counters appear more dazzling and amazing. Choose a sealer based on the countertop use.

Many tips for concrete countertops are still not revealed yet. We will discuss about the maintenance on the next article.

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