The Inspiring Photos Of Small Kitchen Design

Deciding the best small kitchen design is not hard at all, just focus on a simple thing only. Since the size of kitchen is small that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to make it look awesome. There are a lot of ideas you can take, but you are advisable to look at the small kitchen design photos. Several photos on the Internet will help you get fabulous ideas.

Maximize the space

small kitchen design photos

Limited space is the main burden of small kitchen, but solving this problem is easy. Maximize the vertical space as possible. Several ideas you can try such as install hanging hooks for the utensils or place slim cabinets and shelves. Maximize the floor and overhead space depends on creativity, just do something that may save space, but able to meet the function of a kitchen.

Extra workstation and storage

small kitchen design photos

Small kitchen also need an extra workstation and storage space just in case. Place a portable island in the center of the kitchen, which is can be moved out to another room if you are not going to use it for awhile. Right in the spot of island, you can install hanging hooks or floating racks above it. Go check over on the Internet for small kitchen design photos about this idea.

Maximize the light

small kitchen design photos

More natural light comes in, the kitchen will seem bigger. Make sure natural light easy come inside the room. In this case, install a light curtain on the kitchen window. A bright kitchen during the day will help you not to turn on the lights, so monthly electricity bills will decrease. For the night, install several lighting systems based on necessity only. Paint color also will help a lot maximize the light! Cover the walls with light and glossy colors.

small kitchen design photos

After paying attention to all three ideas above, you will be easier to decide the best design for small kitchen. However, get more ideas by spending your time to take a look small kitchen design photos on the internet. This trick will help you a lot.

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