4 Styles of Kitchen Cabinet Doors You Can Choose

There are many ways to update kitchen cabinets and one of them is installing new kitchen cabinet doors. In this case, you have to replace the old cabinet doors with the new ones. Luckily, cabinet doors are made of different styles, sizes and materials. You will be easier to choose which one is the best.

kitchen cabinet doors

Let’s talk different styles of kitchen cabinet doors!

1. Shaker doors

Shaker style is the most common style of kitchen cabinet doors. These are made up of five pieces (one flat panel in the center panel and a frame that made of four pieces). They are famous with clean simple lines and emphasis on usefulness.

Shaker doors are highly popular since able to fit in to almost any decor, whether contemporary to traditional. They are fit in to variations in several aspects such as hardware, paint colors and wood stains.

2. Louvered doors

kitchen cabinet doors

Another famous style of kitchen cabinet doors is, Louvered. They are able to add a very distinct style, but kitchen cabinets installed with these doors have expensive prices. As you look at the picture of Louvered style, these doors are a good option for cabinets that need extra ventilation.

3. Flat-panel doors

Some people prefer simple style, but avoid drab look and they want something stylish. Even though flat-panel doors have no details, their prices are expensive. No wonder, these doors are simple, stylish and create a modern look. Flat-panel doors have minimalist form, hard lines and they are a good choice for contemporary and modern interiors.

4. Inset doors

The last option is inset doors. This style claims as one of the most expensive cabinet doors in the market. No wonder, these doors are made with classic design and able to last well for generations.

Besides four styles above, there is another style you can consider. A cottage style is specially made similar to out-of-date beadboard paneling. Beadboard was pretty popular in the past. These are four styles of kitchen cabinet doors. Ensure yourself to choose cabinet doors that complete your kitchen decor, so they won’t look contrast.

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