11 Steps Painting Kitchen Cabinets with New Color

Many powerful ways to change a dull kitchen to look like a new one, one of them is painting the old cabinets with a new and fresh color. Painting kitchen cabinets is an easiest activity, but there are some things you must learn for the best result such as:

painting kitchen cabinets

1. Prepare important tools, you must have a screwdriver to remove up the cabinet doors out from the hinges.

2. After removing the cabinet doors, don’t throw away the hinges. Prepare a container to store safely because you can use them.

3. The next step is removing the metal fixtures and you can do it using a screwdriver.

4. Remove excess old paint with a sander, but do it slowly.

5. Pull your cabinets far away from the walls, so you can start painting without worry the walls.

6. Before painting, you must define a base coat in a color slightly lighter than the final color to cover your cabinets.

7. Start painting your cabinets with final colors after the base coat dries up.

8. If you find any drips, start to clean them up before drying up. These things will be harder to remove if you allow them to dry up.

9. If necessary, you can apply the cabinets with a second coat.

10. Let the paints on doors and cabinets dry completely.

11. Now, you can affix the metal fixtures to their original places to reinstall hinges and cabinet doors.

If your cabinets made from wood, an excellent choice is using high-gloss acrylic enamel paint. There are two good examples for painting kitchen cabinets and you can choose: Sherwin-Williams (Proclassic high gloss waterborne interior Acrylic Enamel) and Benjamin Moore (Waterborne Satin Impervo).

These two examples offer hardness, sheen and durability. If you want something easy to clean, water-based paints have a high attraction to work with. You won’t meet a yellow problem caused by age. They will produce surface that easy to clean up.

Actually, painting kitchen cabinets is easy activity, even for beginners. However, be careful in choosing a color. If you make a wrong decision, it can give huge impact to your kitchen design.

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