6 Steps to Open a Kitchen Supply Store

People love to fill in their kitchen with appliances and a lot of stuff. This is a good opportunity to make money. Open a kitchen supply store can be a good investment to make fortune. In order to gain success, avoid selling stuff that available at grocery stores and big-box retailers!

kitchen supply store

In this case, open a store that sells specific brands or kitchen supplies. Are you interested to start a business? Let’s learn how to open a kitchen supply store!

1. First, make a business plan! Learn how you are going to run the store, especially the work time. Please be detailed on your business plan. How much money do you need as starter? How much money do you need to run the store within a month, including profit, expenses and losses? Write them all based on your plan.

kitchen supply store

2. Find start-up funds! Find a business partner that allows you to get a loan, ask your friends or relatives to join, it means you can raise start-up funds together. Get a loan from a bank or credit union representative, but it requires credit report and score. If qualify, you will get a loan to start a business.

3. Get your local business license from the governing authority, this means you have to register your store and confirm where the store is physically located. Please do the same thing to other applications such as sales tax.

4. Find a strategic location! This will be hard to do by yourself, hire a commercial real estate agent to assist find a strategic and good location.

kitchen supply store

5. Prepare to open your kitchen supply store. Set up everything, includes display shelves and racks. Create something attractive to draw attention. If you need a help, hire quite experienced staff about kitchen supplies.

6. The last thing you can do is promoting your kitchen supply store. Use local mass media to introduce your business, promote your store with internet. Easier and fastest! In this matter, you have to set aside a budget for promotion purpose.

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