Steps to Make Galley Kitchen Feels Airy

Nowadays, galley kitchen become a favorite for people with small house. This concept often called as corridor kitchen. Galley kitchen designs are available in many choices, but sometimes the choices are unable to bring satisfy for several homeowners. The kitchen looks dark and unappealing, but there are ways to make the room appear spacious and inviting.

galley kitchen designs

1. The simplest way to make the room appear spacious is painting the walls in a light color. This trick helps bring a positive visual effect.

2. Paint the cupboards in a fresh color, two options you can pick: white or a light color. Besides giving a fresh paint to the cupboards, replace solid cabinet doors with glass fronts. Please store unnecessary items on top of cupboards, while important items on middle and low part.

galley kitchen designs

3. A clutter look can make the galley kitchen appear smaller. Please store unnecessary small appliances such as slow cookers and stand mixers or items you don’t use every day. Make sure the kitchen always look clean all the time and avoid dishes piling up on the sink.

galley kitchen designs

4. Galley kitchen designs need natural sunlight especially during the day. There are many ways to bring natural light come in, start from installing a window or skylight. You can leave the windows always open if privacy is not a big problem, but at least decorate the windows with roman or simple roll up shades. At the end of the kitchen, try hanging a large mirror to create a visual look. The mirror will reflect the light and illuminate the whole area. Complete the space by installing a backsplash of mirrored tiles.

Those are four ways to make galley kitchen appear spacious and suitable for people with limited budget. If you have a large budget, you can remove the existing ceiling and increase it up or make the ceiling higher. As an alternative, you can break down a wall between the kitchen and dining room. So, what do you think? Not that hard to make the kitchen appear spacious, right?

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