Steps to Start Kitchen Renovation Project

Remodeling kitchen area need proper plan, don’t take any action without careful consideration. Renovation can be done with or without contractor help. This activity can be taken as a DIY project. However, prepare a plan is really important so kitchen renovation ideas can run smoothly.

kitchen renovation

Here are several steps to start kitchen renovation.

1. Please prepare yourself! Remodel project give a few surprises, start from money, energy and time. A plan must be prepared before the project started.

2. Do you have a sufficient budget? Consult everything with a contractor. Every plan you take need a professional control. This action will ensure everything include payment, materials, etc.

kitchen renovation

3. Let’s unload your kitchen. A week before starting remodel, throw away unneeded items. This action is really important, so you will know what kind of appliances and furniture still work. Make a checklist of unneeded and needed items. You will be easier to find something when going to kitchen supplies.

4. If you are going to start a massive overhaul, please remove light fixtures, shelves, blinds, curtains, artwork and wall hangings for a while.

5. Secure large items and furniture by covering them with old sheet or a plastic drop cloth. This action will protect all important stuff.

kitchen renovation

6. Since your kitchen will go for renovation, do not forget to build a temporary kitchen. Find the best spot for kitchen, but make sure the area has outlets and extra space for kitchen stuff. Clean up dirty plates and glasses in the bathroom or a place with proper drains. Avoid your temporary kitchen appear busy by placing appliances and furniture based on simple needs. Do not put all items in the same place if unneeded.

7. If you can’t build a temporary kitchen, prepare budget to buy foods from local restaurant or you can buy frozen foods and use microwave.

8. After finishing the kitchen renovation project, put all stuff in the first place or based on your new layout.

Before starting kitchen renovation, prepare budget in a proper calculation and do not forget to set aside extra budget.

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