6 Steps to Create a Rustic Kitchen

Everybody has different taste, especially when choosing a style for their kitchen. If you want to create a rural feel into your kitchen room, consider rustic style. Create a rustic kitchen isn’t difficult at all, some necessary items can be found easily. This kitchen design is able to give a plus value to your home decor. Then, let’s learn how to create or design a rustic kitchen!

rustic kitchen

1. The first thing you have to do is creating architectural details. This style is famous for beamed ceilings, slate or hardwood floors and big windows. Not easy to build all those elements unless hire the professionals.

2. Furniture play important role and one of them is cabinets. Luckily, finding rustic cabinets are easy. The main material is wood, whether alder, hickory or pine. Choose cabinets that attract your attention and able to adapt with entire style decor.

rustic kitchen

3. Color plays important role and painting your walls are the easiest way to create a rustic kitchen. Some colors represent a rustic feel such as blue, tan, yellow, ivory, green, red, orange and brown. Choose a color based on elements in your kitchen.

4. Besides painting the walls, use a bright color to cover the crown molding and do the same thing to the kitchen island with a complementary shade. Meanwhile for furniture, you can find them in different styles such as antiques, farmhouse, shaker style and distressed wood.

5. Be careful when choosing accessories for rustic kitchen, make sure to buy accessories with rustic touches. Important accessories you must have such as pots, earthenware, canisters. Buy accessories that are made from copper or iron, you can also buy tablecloth, napkins and curtains in floral patterns.

6. What is the perfect lighting system for a rustic kitchen? If your kitchen has ceiling beams, pendant lights can be a good combination.

These are six steps you can follow to design a rustic kitchen. Before starting your project, check up your financial. Make sure your budget can support your list.

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