Steps to Clean Up Kitchen Tile

In order to increase a taste of style to your home, use kitchen tile. If you look around at home development store, you will see it in different materials and styles. Do not jump to pick without regard many factors, one of them is maintenance. Cleaning up kitchen tile is not a hard job to do, but some people take a wrong action and adverse effects on kitchen tile itself.

kitchen tile

In order to preserve its durability and finish for many years, take five steps below!

1. Before cleaning up kitchen tiles, prepare all necessary equipment such as: nylon scrubbing pad, vinegar, chlorine-free household cleaner, toothbrush, water and mop.

2. Cleaning up flooring tile is not difficult at all. The first you can do is taking a damp mob and wash off the surface. It’s totally easy, right? No need a daily maintenance, clean up the tile surface at least once a week to maintain its look.

kitchen tile

3. If you found stains on your tile, please don’t panic. Remove stains out of tile surface is easy, but need extra force. Take a chlorine-free household cleaner, apply directly to stains and wait at least a minute. Take your nylon scrubbing pad and scrub the stain in a circular motion. Do it slowly with a little push.

4. Do not forget to clean up the grout of kitchen tile floor. It’s easy to clean this part, take a non-chlorine cleaner and apply directly to the grout, scrub with a toothbrush until clean.

kitchen tile

5. If there are stubborn stains, don’t panic. They can be removed by using a solution of water and vinegar. Besides effective, this solution is also helpful to remove pungent odor.

6. If the stubborn stains still show up, make a solution of water, vinegar and non-chlorine cleaner. Apply it to the stains, take a toothbrush and scrub in circle motion. This action will take at least three-to-five minutes.

Extra tips:

Before using a floor cleaner, make sure to perform a test on a small spot of kitchen tile. If there is no adverse reaction, the cleaner is safe to use.

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