5 Steps To Clean Granite Countertops

There are several reasons why homeowners spending their money to buy a granite countertop. As there are so many available options in the market, granite becomes the best addition to any kitchen design. However, granite countertop must get a proper care. Cleaning granite countertops is an easy task to do.

cleaning granite countertops

Don’t wipe up

Kitchen countertops are susceptible to spill and please clear up any spill on the surface as soon as possible. Be careful when getting rid of the spills, you are not advisable to wipe them up as this will spread the stain on the surface. So, what is the best thing can you do? Cover the spills with a clean cloth and take it off.

Stone soap

Cleaning granite countertops will be easier if you prepare a stone soap. It’s especially made for stone countertops and can be easily found in most home improvement stores around your local area.

cleaning granite countertops

Ammonia & hydrogen peroxide

Please be careful when removing stains made by tea or coffee. This can be a hard task to do, but you can use three drops household ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Don’t forget to protect your hands with safety gloves.

Remove oily stain

Oily stain becomes a frightening specter, but there is nothing impossible to kick them out. You can make a paste of hydrogen peroxide and flour, then apply it over the stain. Cover the infected area with plastic wrap and leave it for eight hours. Clean the paste by removing the plastic wrap and using a flexible plastic utensil to scrape away flour mixture without make a scratch.

cleaning granite countertops

Ink stain

Cleaning granite countertops caused by ink stain is an easy activity as you can use nail polish remover or acetone.

Extra tips

Cleaning granite countertops is an easier activity, but there are several things you need to avoid. Don’t use abrasive things on the surface such as scouring powders or steel wool. So does with orange, lemon, vinegar or cleaners with high acid contents. After cleaning granite countertops, prepare a soft clean cloth to dry the surface.

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