3 Steps How to Choose Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Outdoor kitchen offers something unique and totally different from conventional kitchen. Before you decide to build this concept, make outdoor kitchen plans and don’t forget to include outdoor kitchen cabinets to the list.

outdoor kitchen cabinets

Cabinet for outdoor kitchen should offer something that completely different from indoor kitchen cabinet. This furniture must withstand to some destructive elements caused by weather conditions, water and sun.

Don’t choose cheap cabinets from laminates and plywood, they aren’t a smart choice since easy to get damaged if you put them outside. The point is, look for outdoor kitchen cabinets made ??specifically to deal with destructive elements and better choose a custom built cabinet because easy to customize to your outdoor kitchen design!

1. You must pick cabinet and door from high quality materials. Unlike indoor kitchen cabinets, don’t choose a cabinet only from its design. Cabinets made ??of cedar and teak becomes the best choice for kitchen in dryer climates because they have rot resistant feature.

Do you want kitchen cabinets that easy to clean? Drop your choice to stainless steel paired with a large gas grill, a good combination creates a practical work area. Another choice is natural stone facing that paired with other materials, a good one to make your outdoor kitchen look stylish.

2. Find hardware that can withstand destructive elements. As a start, find hinges with important features such as weather resistant and self-closing, and find drawer glides that offer useful features such as rust resistance and full extension. Meanwhile, choose drawer pulls and handles made of stainless steel.

3. The last is, make sure the outdoor kitchen cabinets have plenty of storage feature. Don’t forget to include a broom closet, so you will be easier to clean up the cabinet. If you want to store alcohol beverages, better to build a lockable storage.

Those are three things you need to consider. Don’t forget other aspects such as design and size of your kitchen.

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