10 Steps Building Your Little Kitchen Design

Designing a small kitchen gives a distinct challenge because you must have an ability to create an atmosphere of comfortable and versatile. Narrow space requires you to maximize your kitchen design. How to implement little kitchen design in a perfect way?

little kitchen design

1. Focus on a main function of your kitchen. Prepare a work area and a cabinet to store cookware.

2. Apply triangle concept, most kitchens have it. Triangle concept means refrigerator, sink and stove must have located in an adjacent location. You don’t have to run it, depends on your need. However, this concept is essential for efficiency and ease of cooking.

3. Little kitchen must have a main function, don’t combine it with other functions as a dining room. Narrow and limited space is not a perfect place to put a table and chairs.

4. Should a small kitchen need a door? Well, doors that swing open takes up a space, but you can get rid of it if necessary or install a bifold door as replacement.

5. You are advised to make the counters deeper. This is a wise move to get an extra space and you can put counter top appliances. However, all depends on needs and size of the kitchen.

6. Maximize the space by installing cabinet to touch the ceiling. Disadvantages of this concept, you need a step stool to take something on the upper shelves. It’s advisable to put cooking utensils that you rarely use.

7. Little kitchen design needs light colors. Avoid dark colors because it gives a bad effect that makes room look smaller.

8. If you want to install a ceiling fan and light fixtures, please adjusting to the size your kitchen.

9. Little kitchen will appear larger if it always looks neat and clean. Get rid of everything on the counters, arrangement is very important. Keep cooking utensils in its place.

10. Little kitchen doesn’t need large appliances, bad idea. Buy kitchen appliances in accordance with size of the kitchen. Small appliances sound like a good idea, but it’s better not to fill up the room with too many appliances.

Specifying little kitchen design depending on your taste, there are many difficulties you will face. Don’t hesitate to try ten steps above!

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