Steps to Build L-Shaped Kitchen Designs

L-shaped kitchen designs become perfect choice for small rooms with limited space. There are so many benefits owned by this kitchen design layout, it helps reduce the distance between the refrigerator, stove and sink, cooking activities become easier. Many expert says this design works well in open-plan houses because it able to create a feeling of openness.

L shaped kitchen designs

L-shape created from two adjacent walls and by placing an island gives extra storage space and work surface. Here are some several ideas taken from L-shaped kitchen designs.

1. Work Triangle

L shaped kitchen need a nice work triangle and three important elements must support each other, they are: the refrigerator, sink and cooker. If you want to install the sink, consider place it beneath the window. Meanwhile the sides of the triangle do not have to be in the same position, but please avoid making in a distant position.

2. Island

Placing a kitchen island is a part of L shaped kitchen designs to provide extra surface and storage. Hang pans and pots above the island, they can work as decorative element. If you have a small kitchen and want to put an island, consider a portable island, a nice choice because it can be moved when you needed extra room in the kitchen.

L shaped kitchen designs

3. Colors

In order to maximize space and create a spacious feel, use light colors only! If your kitchen wants to appear contrast, combine light colors with black surfaces on the cabinet or appliances or paint the walls white.

4. Cabinet

This feature is a part of L shaped kitchen designs and make sure to install it along the length of the L-shape. Put a corner cabinet if you want to maximize internal corner space. Do not forget to include three or four drawers to store items such as plastic wrap, rolling pins and cutlery. If you want to provide extra storage, put wall cabinet in a reachable height.

Build an L-shaped kitchen is not a hard job to do. Read all steps above to get the best result and match to your desire.

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