7 Steps Build Kitchen Cabinets in a Little Cost

Irrefutable, cabinets is one of the most important furniture and can be the most expensive investments. People on a budget can trick out this problem by building their own kitchen cabinets. Let’s learn together how to build kitchen cabinets with a little cost!

how to build kitchen cabinets

1. First, find a perfect area to build kitchen cabinets. Please measure the total area where the cabinets are going to build and do not forget to make note of the dimensions too.

2. Spend your money to purchase a blueprint! Make sure, it perfectly works out with the available space in the kitchen. Since you are on a budget, choose cabinets in simpler designs because only need tools and materials in fewer numbers. Use your measurements with the blueprint because it helps you estimate the amount of materials.

how to build kitchen cabinets

Are you looking for cheap materials? Go to secondhand building supply stores, where you will get necessary items with half prices or as alternative, go to building-supply recycling & salvage centers. This trick helps you save hundreds of dollars.

3. Instead of 3/4-inch plywood, spend your money to purchase 1/2-inch plywood as the material to make cabinets. Use a table saw to cut plywood based on dimensions and blueprint. No need to buy a table saw, you can rent it. After the wood are cut into pieces, stain or paint them all.

4. Prepare 1/2-inch screws and a screw gun. Turn on the screw gun and insert ½-inch screws to put the carcass together and attach it to wall.

5. Instead of purchase a finish nailer, better to rent it. Use this tool to attach cabinet sides and face frame to carcass. Use wood putty that matches well the stain of the cabinets especially if there are indentations left by the nails.

6. Install shelves and interior brackets. Before installing the shelf brackets, please mark the height on each side and make sure the shelf position is on the same level. Attach the brackets to the cabinet walls with 1/2-inch screws before you place the shelf on the brackets.

7. The last thing is purchasing premade cabinet doors. Put hinges to the doors and face frame, ensure these are lining up properly and you can connect the doors to the cabinets. Totally easy, isn’t it?

These are seven steps how to build kitchen cabinets. Now, you can get cabinet with a little cost.

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