5 Steps to Build an Ikea Kitchen

Undoubtedly, many homeowners adore an Ikea kitchen as a standard for their kitchen. If you want to have it, there are some important rules. However, this article has proper steps to build Ikea kitchen. What should you do?

ikea kitchen

1. The first thing you can do is to measure your kitchen area. Draw or create a diagram for both the bottom and top cabinets, please measure on each part separately. You must also measure the whole room! Don’t forget to check up the depth of the cabinets, it’s a must. Most measure is standard except if you prefer to choose custom cabinets.

2. After finding out everything you need, it’s time make a visit to Ikea. The first visit doesn’t to purchase everything you need, but to check up the countertops, cabinet fronts and items to fill up your kitchen area. Use this moment to look around all kitchen appliances, so does with hardware and lighting system.

If you build a certain theme, pick all items in the same theme or style for a matching appearance. Luckily, Ikea has everything you need, easier to build a theme start from cabinets, appliances, etc. It would be nice if you pick up a cabinet price book too.

3. After the first visit, go back your home and write down a list of important elements that must exist. Ikea always give the best for their customers since they have a lot of storage solutions. Relax yourself and write down the list with everything that works well for your kitchen decor.

4. Build an Ikea kitchen need a lot of references and if you already pick up a cabinet price book, it’s time to check it out. Write down a list of the cabinets that may fit with your kitchen space, don’t forget to write down the price too. Write everything you need, such as countertop, hardware, etc. Take measurements and write down the price too.

5. Now, you have the list on your hand. The second or third visit is to buy everything on the list. After that, you are ready to build an Ikea kitchen.

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