9 Easy Steps to Build a French Country Kitchen

Many styles can be applied to the kitchen and one of the most popular styles is French country. More and more people build French country kitchen because this style has uniqueness. Do you want to have it? It’s easy to build this style, follow all steps below:

French country kitchen

1. Change the color of kitchen walls. Some colors that can be a great option are yellow, green and blue. They are able to bring French country appearance.

2. Fill up your kitchen with several pieces of natural wood furniture. Bring French country look by choosing an old painted cabinet, rush-seated chairs and a rustic table. You don’t have to change existing furniture, simply replace the old handles with new vintage handles.

3. Beautify your kitchen table with a wrought iron chandelier. Update your cabinets with wrought iron knobs.

4. Kitchen windows play important role, you can install sheer or lace curtains. In order to hang the curtains, you can choose between metal or wood rods.

5. Meanwhile to evoke French country kitchen, you can place table linens, seat cushions and pillows wrapped in a mix of printed fabrics such as plaids, stripes, checks or toile. Consider also the fabric colors with the other colors in the kitchen to create a unified appearance.

6. Strengthen your kitchen atmosphere by hanging copper pots or baskets right from the ceiling. You can also place a bouquet of dried flowers.

7. An open cabinet is a great option to display your pottery collections.

8. Prepare a pottery vase and fill it with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Lavender and sunflowers are the best flowers to beautify French country kitchen.

9. The last thing is placing accent rugs that able to bring warmth, color and texture.

Extra tips:

a. Place copper pieces on your kitchen countertop as embellishment.

b. Strengthen your decorative arrangements with candles.

c. Place doilies and arrange lace tablecloths on tables and inside the kitchen cabinets.

Follow all these steps to build French country kitchen. Prepare all necessary items and don’t forget to calculate budget.

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