Steps to Accessorize a Small Kitchen Seem Larger

Many people often complained when decorating small kitchens as there are many challenging tasks. The first objective is to make the room appear larger and this is not an easy task. Fortunately, there are several techniques able to create a spacious look. When decorating small kitchens, several people using light hues to make kitchen appear larger. Besides using paint, small kitchen accessories can also give the same effect.

decorative mirrors

1. Buy decorative mirrors and hang them up on the walls. Wall mirrors work well to illuminate the room because they can reflect sunlight and make kitchen feel larger. In this case, mirror is one of 6 useful ideas for small kitchen. Hanging several wall mirrors is a great way creating an illusion of added space and can be a nice focal point. Before buying one, choose mirror frames that match the kitchen style.

lace valances

2. Windows in the kitchen need a touch of decoration, try hanging up light window treatments. Why? Light window treatments become a nice choice to allow more natural light illuminate small kitchen. Choose the one that has an airy appearance, consider lace valances.

decorative rugs

3. Consider also decorate kitchen floors with decorative rugs. Buy soft rugs that able to create visual accent, consider rugs in light hues and subtle that match kitchen style. Buy several rugs for stove or sink areas.

lighting fixtures

4. Since lighting fixtures available in different varieties, choose the one that able to create small kitchen feel larger. Three areas on kitchen need functional lighting: above sinks, ceiling and under cabinets. Not an easy job to find the best lighting fixtures for kitchen, but consider wall sconces. They can be a nice choice for kitchen and work well as a focal point and create an expansive look.

Additional tips

In order to prevent slipping, put rug pads right under area rugs.

In order to create a custom look to the decor, please coordinate lighting styles and finishes.

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