Soul Kitchen as Inspiring Movie about Restaurant Business

Cooking is a fun activity and everybody loves it. If you are someone who has a high passion in cooking activity, consider to watch all shows and movies related to cooking. That is a good way to increase your knowledge about culinary art and want to start a restaurant. There is a recommended movie and that’s soul kitchen.

soul kitchen

Soul kitchen is a comedy movie about cooking directed by Fatih Ak?n, the script are written by Akin and Adam Bousdoukos, who also play the main role. Actually, the story is based on Bousdoukos experience whose has a Greek tavern, where he is also a regular customer. This movie was released in Germany on December 25th 2009, but its world premiere was on September 10th 2009 at the 66th Venice Film Festival.

Let’s talk its storyline!

Soul Kitchen is a shabby restaurant located in an old warehouse space and its owner is a German of Greek descent, Zinos. This restaurant provides working-class foods, but the business has a bad financial condition and tax problem. Zinos facing a lot of problems, a punk rock band never pays rental fees even though they use the restaurant as practice space, and Sokrates, an old sailor who also can’t afford to pay the rent.

Zinos found himself in complicated problems and he is unable to cook something. He decided to hire Shayn, a Chef who got fired because had an argument with a customer. Zinos hire his brother, Illias, a hustler and gambler, who often bring up a new problem. As a new chef, Shayn changes all old menus into a new haute cuisine menu. The old clients disagree and the restaurant unable to get any benefits at all.

Goddess of fortune comes when Illias takes out his idea to be a DJ at Soul Kitchen and he uses equipment stolen to begin with. Zinos also start to learn how properly cook, Shayn becomes his teacher. He learns gourmet cooking skills. In the end, the restaurant business is able to gain popularity and reputation. He is able to pay all bills and taxes, but the problem isn’t clear at all. His old schoolmate, Thomas Neumann, tries to acquire the restaurant, his brother’s bad habit in gamble and so on.

If you love about cooking, don’t forget to watch this movie.

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