Smitten Kitchen as the Famous Cooking Blogs & Simple Recipes

There are many ways to improve cooking skills such as watching cooking video, a cookery TV show such as Saturday kitchen and read recipes from many resources. The internet technology keep develop and hundreds of cooking blogs rising up, that’s good as many references, knowledge and recipes are ready to learn. Smitten kitchen is one of the most popular cooking blogs, the owner is Deb Perelman.

smitten kitchen

Many readers spend their time to read all posts and pictures. They really love all the things she had done to her blog, start from simple cooking and elegant photography, all wrapped in her unique chatty tone. Deb always tries to focus on recipes, make something that the others can do the same thing, cooks in an easy way even for people who have small experience in the kitchen.

Deb didn’t go to Culinary Arts major and she’s not a professional chef who sits or leads a restaurant. In the beginning, she is a woman who was working as IT journalist. However, Deb loves to write something on her private blog, Smitten. After going through a married life, her interest in culinary grew and began to blog about worthy recipes. In 2006, she decided to build a new blog, Smitten Kitchen and two years later, she took a big decision left out her job and give full attention to develop her blog.

Julia Child, an American chef, give a big influence on Deb. Her main principle is to create a recipe that everyone can follow easily, especially easy and gather all necessary ingredients, something that can be found at regular stores. Deb has no complaints about her kitchen condition and physical limitations of the kitchen aren’t a hindrance to practice all recipes.

Her passion about writing, recipes and cooking actualized in a book. Now she has written a book, tries to help people who want to serve a delicious deal in a simple way.

If you want to make or serve a special cuisine for whole family in a simple way and easy to get all necessary ingredients, go visit Deb’s famous cooking blog, smitten kitchen. This is the best place to learn all the things you need to know about recipes.

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