7 Smart Design Ideas for Small Kitchen

Many people who have small kitchen do anything to change the look. Luckily, there are so many small kitchen design ideas you can use to make the room appear larger without expanding the actual floor space. How? Play with layout, furnishings, lighting and colors! These all important factors can eliminate small and crowded appearance and extremely recommended by professionals. Let’s learn together!

small kitchen design ideas

1. Get more spacious appearance by removing clutter things from the countertops and floors. Store small appliances inside the cabinets and throw away unused stuff. Kitchen must appear in a minimalist look.

2. Now it’s time to apply a fresh coat of paint to the kitchen cabinets and walls. Create a more spacious look with a light, neutral-colored paint. Make sure to cover the walls and cabinet with the same color. If your kitchen has a lower ceiling and want to make it taller, apply a couple of shades lighter than the color on the walls.

3. Bring more natural light come in by removing heavy curtains and drapes from the kitchen windows. For privacy at night, try to install wooden window blinds or white, wide-slat window blinds. These are a nice choice since the sunlight can go through in during the day.

small kitchen design ideas

4. Besides paying attention to natural lighting and as one of small kitchen design ideas, do not forget to install proper lighting system and consider overhead lighting. There are so many lighting systems you can select based on needs.

5. If you want to have kitchen countertops, consider a light-colored countertop. Two things you can consider: Granite or laminate countertops. Both have advantage and disadvantage. Pick based on needs only.

6. Change the placement of kitchen furniture to appear more spacious. Throw away unused or old furniture, purchase small furniture if your remodel the kitchen space on a large scale. Try vertical concept for the cabinets, it helps save more space.

7. As one of small kitchen design ideas, the room will look sweet with some accessories. However, beautify the kitchen with a few items of accessories and do not make a clutter appearance.

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