Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas And Tips

No need to feel embarrassed if you have small kitchen as there are many articles on the internet talking about it. Yup, remodel small kitchen is not a rare thing, many ideas and tips how to get a nice result. This article contains small kitchen remodeling ideas and tips you can do for perfect design.

small kitchen remodeling ideas tips

Remove the doors, expand the windows

A kitchen doesn’t need a door and just an optional. Spend money focusing on widening the doorway and removing the door, kitchen will look spacious and feel open. Bring more natural light into the room by expanding the windows. Install taller windows for small kitchen appears higher.

Decorating material

Be careful when choosing decorating materials as there are many available colors, but choose the one with lighter shade to make the room feel less crowded. Do not install large tiles on the walls or floors as they will create smaller statements.

small kitchen remodeling ideas tips

Furniture and appliances

There are a lot of considerations regarding furniture and appliances, make sure they are fit in with the kitchen space: small and retractable. Buy a fridge that is tall, but thin. Prefer for a wall oven installed instead of a free-standing oven that will taking up available floor space.

A small remodeling project presents a challenge to beat. What are you going to do? Here are several tips you can follow.

small kitchen remodeling ideas tips

Update appliances

Is that possible? Go to home improvement stores and buy a stainless steel-looking self-adhesive film. You can use it to update existing kitchen appliances to get a modern touch, a stainless steel appearance. This finish will help reflect light, making your small kitchen looks spacious, one of cheap and easy kitchen remodeling ideas.

Lighting system

Besides expanding the windows, consider installing new lighting systems such as recessed, track and under cabinet lighting. Proper lighting will make the kitchen activities in the night become easier and fun.

small kitchen remodeling ideas tips

Update cabinets

No need to spend money for new cabinets, update the existing one by applying a new paint or stain. Use a certain technique to create a unique appearance. Reface, replace door and hardware are the things you can do.

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