Small Kitchen Design Pictures And Ideas

Several homeowners often face a problem with their small kitchens. Well, the point is no need to worry or ashamed to have a small kitchen. Absolutely, there are many ideas to make small kitchen get a different look and appear maximum. On the internet, there are many small kitchen design pictures and ideas can inspire every homeowner.

Light colors

small kitchen design pictures ideas

Use light colors to paint the walls and ceilings. Avoid dark colors since they are able to create a closed-in feeling and the space appears smaller, these colors unable to reflect light unlike light colors. Besides the walls and ceilings, use light colors to cover cabinets and counters.

Extra work area

small kitchen design pictures ideas

Homeowners want to have extra work area in their small kitchens and that isn’t an impossible thing. Use mobile carts to provide or increase work area. A mobile island will create extra area to do food prep or runs as an eating area. Mobile feature will give flexibility as homeowners can move it to another room.

Open shelving

small kitchen design pictures ideas

Instead of installing upper cabinet, consider open shelving to create an open feeling. The walls will be more open, unlike upper cabinets that will make the walls look smaller. Open shelving requires an extreme amount of organization and make sure it look neat all the time.

Lighting effect

small kitchen design pictures ideas

Lighting effect making the kitchen appears larger. Remove dark space out of your small kitchen. Install under-cabinet lighting for food preparation and install overhead lighting such as recessed lights. Several important areas in the kitchen must get proper lighting, such as countertops, stove area and sink. Several lighting options also work as decorative element such as pendant or chandelier.


small kitchen design pictures ideas

Save more space by choosing smaller appliances. Increase counter space by eliminating a wall oven and choose a freestanding stove. Consider a microwave hood combination and put microwave mounted over the stove, etc. Buy a smaller refrigerator and dishwasher. Overall, smaller appliances are the best. Take a look at small kitchen design pictures and ideas on the internet.


small kitchen design pictures ideas

Small kitchen design must have storage in every corner possible. This trick will remove a busy look on the counters. There are many creative storage solutions will increase the value of your kitchen.

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