Simple Tips How to Install Track Lighting in your Kitchen

Homeowners claim the track lighting as a versatile choice for their kitchen. And, no wonder if many people want to install it too. Its main advantage is able to focus on one point and double function as other general light fixtures.

how to install track lighting in kitchen

This lamp is a good choice for the comfort of working in the kitchen, point the lights on the track to work area, it is easy to focus the light. Another plus is ability to focus on different areas, according to wishes and needs. Generally, kitchen track lighting is made of different materials, from plastic to metal. Wire is invisible by naked eye because located inside the track.

The track can be mounted to a wall or ceiling based on needs. Then, how to install track lighting in kitchen?

Installing the track lighting is an easy job, but the most important thing is make sure the kitchen has a lighting feature. This will simplify the installation process. Although it won’t take a long time to install, there are several important steps so the installation is faster and effective.

Before installation, make sure the power is switched off for safety. Install or replace electric bulbs in active condition have a big risk. Remove the old fixture from the wall or the ceiling, so there is an empty area to install the new fixture.

For safety, perform this activity carefully. Disconnect all circuits to minimize unwanted things such as injured. New installation may start after all circuits in a disconnect condition. The next step is preparing the track lighting fixture!

In choosing track lighting fixture, there are three main things need to consider such as design, location and size. Consider carefully those three main points before installation begins.

Prepare all necessary tools like screwdrivers. Attach to a desired area by using screw. Make sure the wires invisible, hidden behind the track. To do so, at the end of the track, install a cover plate. Once this step is completed, attach the light fixtures and ensure its position about two feet from the floor to gain the best result.

How to install track lighting in kitchen? The answer is very simple, is not it? If unable to install on your own, ask someone for help or call a professional although there is a cost.

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